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New Valguero Server

Hello ARK:se community!

You don’t know who we are nor do you know what ARK:SE is?

We’re JarCade, a Network based in Germany with one focus, Gaming. It is our passion to create balanced, fair and fun Servers for various Games. We started our Project with Ark: Survival Evolved, a well known Steam Game by Studio Wildcard. On our Servers, you will find no pay to win or any other sort of Shop System. We keep our Servers money free to give each player the same Experience. The only Rewards on our Servers are time-based and are available for every single player.

We call ourselves balanced since we do Support a Reward System, however, a non paid one AND a really expensive Shop. What does this mean? It means the prices in our Ingame Shops are very high but affordable by playtime. With this system, we are able to Reward you as a Player without giving you an unobtainable benefit.

We thank the entire community for being part of us and wish for a long-lasting Future! Stay safe and have fun

The entire JarCade Team